December Performance by day

SPY First / last 10 trading days:

SPY December

IMW First/ last 10 trading days:

IWM December
Seems like the last 8 days or so before the end of the month are generally strong. For the SPY, the last 5 trading days have over half (11/19) of the highs for the month. The 10-6 last trading days had no highest high, so it would seem that if we get a high the week of December 17th, then we will get a higher high the next week (having said that, it will probably not be true this year!). The last two days of the year the SPY is often down at least one day (although looking at both days combined, the total movement is generally up).  For the prior 8 days, they are generally up days.  Nearly a third of the time, there is no December daily SPY close that is below the November monthly close, and there hasn’t been a December where the SPY daily close never was above the November close.

For IWM, the end of month strength has 10 of 12 Decembers with the high of the month in the last 5 trading days.


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