August Daily Performance 2013 edition

Similar to last month, first 15 trading days and last 5.
SPY – a bit mixed for the first trading days, some strength and then mixed again. Somewhat strange is that the average is a loss of .3%, but the median is a gain of .98%. 3 times out of 21 the low of the month is above the July close (and this has not happened since 2000). 2 out of 20 years has the high being lower than the July close. After the first couple of days of August being positive, half the time the end of month is higher and half its lower (than the close of the 2nd trading day). Overall, nearly half the time the low of the month is in the first 5 trading days (9/20), with 8/20 times the high is in the last 5 days of the month. Median low of the month is down 3%, median high for the month is 2.6%.
SPY August
For IWM, the August on average and median is positive, with median bottoming around day 8.
IWM August


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