Month of SPX High of the Year

I was curious what month the high of the year occurred, and if a year to date high occurred in a given month, how often did it get eclipsed in a later month? The second column is the count of the number of years the SPX index (based on Yahoo! data – 1951 – 2012) that had that month as achieving the high of the year. The third column is the number of years where there was a higher high in a subsequent month given that month had a year to date high.

Since August 2013 had a year to date high, then it is fairly likely there will be a higher high later this year.

highest high of year high later
January 11 51
february 1 32
march 2 28
april 1 29
may 2 25
june 0 24
july 3 25
august 3 20
september 4 20
october 6 15
november 7 18
december 22

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