September Daily Performance – 2013 edition

Similar to last month, first 15 trading days and last 5.


Since 1993, the average September SPY has been down slightly, but the median is positive. 40% of the time the low has been in the first 5 trading days (only 10% in the second 5 trading days), while there doesn’t seem to be a pattern for the high of the month – each group of 5 days has around 25% chance of being the high of the month. In 5 of 20 years, the lowest close of the month was above the August month end close, and 5 years the highest close of the month was below the August month end. As far as daily changes, the 8th and 9th trading days had the highest percent of up days while the end of the month had weakness (particularly the last day of the month)

SPY September

For IWM, September the average and median is negative for the month, with the average only positive the first couple of days of the month.
IWM September


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