Four day vs Five day trading weeks

A brief look at four day trading weeks vs five day.  I looked at SPY data from Yahoo! and categorized all weeks into either 4 day or 5 day.

For the time period I looked at,

4 day 5 day
% weeks up 58.76% 55.48%
average change 0.41% 0.16%
median change 0.43% 0.28%
95% 4.52% 3.95%
5% -2.98% -3.78%
hi low range median 2.41% 2.77%
hi low range > prior 4 week median 40.91% 51.39%
abs week change vs prior 4 week median 51.70% 48.73%


So, the conclusions I draw for 4 day trading weeks are that the SPY is slightly more likely to have an up week, and the high-low range [(high-low)/prior week close] is going to be slightly less the preceding 4 weeks.  I compared against the preceding 4 week median to try to adjust for different volatility.  There were 175 4 week periods in the study and 867 5 week periods, going back to 1994


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